Earn Up To Than $1,000 Free Per Month

Make Money With Basic Attention Airdrop – Tutorial As Below
Step 1: Download And Install Brave Browser

– Download Brave Browser at: https://brave.com

– Click Download BraveYou can download Brave by Your computer, Smart Phone (IOS/Android), Tablet,…
– After download Brave Browser successfully: Click on the file was downloaded to install Brave Browser

– You must keep and use Brave Browser in 30 days to make money with Basic Attention Airdrop program.
Step 2: Earn BAT Token Free Per Month (Watch the instruction video)
–  After Installed Brave Browser successfully: Open Brave Browser
– Click on the ‘BAT’ icon on the top right corner of the page then click ‘Join Rewards’
– Next: click ‘Ok’
Make Money With Basic Attention Airdrop - Earn Up To Than $1,000 Of BAT Tokens Free Per Month
– Next: click ‘Rewards Settings’
Brave Crypto Rewards Tutorial - Earn 30 BAT Tokens Free - Trading On Binance Exchange
– Next: click ‘Claim’
– Next: Follow the instruction to drag and drop BAT logo onto the color target
Brave Crypto Rewards Tutorial - Earn 30 BAT Tokens Free - Trading On Binance Exchange
– Congratulation: You will be earned BAT Tokens free $5
– Use Brave Browser every day: You will earn more BAT Tokens free.
– Viewing Ads: earn daily BAT tokens free by viewing ads in Brave Browser. Ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from Your browsing behavior. No personal data or browsing history ever leaves Your browser.
Withdraw BAT Tokens Into Your Wallet
Step 1: Register Brave Rewards Account
– Register Brave Rewards account at:        https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/publishers/sign_up
– Enter Your email, tick in box ‘I agree to…’ and click on ‘Get Started’ button
– Check into Your email and click on ‘Verify email’
– Enter Your name and click on ‘Sign Up’ button: Set up 2FA (optional) or skip
Step 2: Create Uphold Wallet And Connect With Your Brave Rewards Account
– Create Uphold wallet at: https://uphold.com/signup
– Login Your Uphold wallet to verify identity
– Login Your Brave Rewards account then click on ‘Connect to uphold’ to withdraw BAT Token from Your Brave Rewards account
Step 3: Add Your Social Channel Or Website Into Brave Rewards Account 
– Login Your Brave Rewards account then click on ‘Add channel’Verify and connect one of Your social channels or website: Twitter, YouTube, Twitch or website
Step 4: Withdraw Your BAT Tokens 
– Open Brave Browser then go to Your social channels (Your Twitter, YouTube, Twitch or website) that added to Your Brave Rewards account  at Step 3
– Click on Brave Icon’ at top right corner, then click ‘Send A Tip’
Example: I open Brave browser and go to My channel is website https://www.makemoneyonlinewin.tk to tip myself
Make Money With Basic Attention Airdrop - Earn Up To Than $1,000 Of BAT Tokens Free Per Month
– A pop up box will appear and You can tip Your BAT tokens to Your Brave Rewards account
– Choose amount BAT Token You’d like to tip: 1 or 5 or 10 BAT, then click on ‘Send My Tip’. After three times, You will transfer all Your BAT Tokens into Your Brave Rewards account
– Login Your Brave Rewards account to check BAT Token balance
– Your BAT Tokens will be transferred from Braver Rewards account into Your Uphold wallet.
– You can transfer Your BAT Token from Your Uphold wallet to Binance Exchange to sell
Referral Rewards Of Basic Attention Airdrop
– Login Your Brave Rewards account and click on ‘Get Started’ to get Your referral link
– Invite people to download and use Brave browser: receive extra $1 – $5 of BAT Tokens free per referral. You can earn up to than $1,000 of BAT Tokens free per month


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